Fashion Has No Limitation

When refers to fashion; many people may think that wearing fashionable clothes or some chic accessories that a person owns. Actually, this is just what we see usually in our life. When we walk on the street, we see that many people wear different fashionable clothes and accessories to complete their outfit. As far as [...]

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Dot Nail Art Designs Bring You Chic Sense

As the approach of autumn, people have to take off their summer clothes and take on their autumn outfit. If you are the one who always love to follow the new fashion trend, you should pay attention to the new autumn fashion trend. Many girls like to wear various kinds of clothes to show their [...]

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A Breeze of Fashion Trend – Stripes Nail Art Designs

Hi friends, it has been a long time that I didn’t recommend you with the latest nail art trend. Nail art in today has becoming an essential element on the whole look of a girl. I am also the one who loves to make up my nail art into various colors. My friends always say [...]

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Autumn Fashion Breeze – Zara TRF September Lookbook 2011

Hi friends,I have been a long time of absence and thanks for all your concerning about my blog. As the change of weather, many people around me have caught a cold. Here I remind all of you take care of your body and have a good mood every day. It is already September and today [...]

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Lingerie to Long for – Victoria Secret Lingerie Collections in 2011

Summer is the best time for girls to get rid of their heavy winter clothes and take on their favorite summer clothes. In summer days, people are inclined to wear fewer clothes to have some coolness. For girls, there are lots of options for them to dress themselves up. Well, no matter short-sleeves or dresses [...]

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Emilio Pucci Summer Funky Accessory Collections in 2011

Hi friends, as the rapid growth of high heat in summer days; it is the best time for people to dress themselves up with fabulous summer collections. Every summer, there are lots of fashion collections that have been launched to meet the needs of the public. In this summer, what are the new fashion trends? [...]

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Fashion Trend in This Season – Stradivarius Summer Collections in 2011

When refers to summer, we like to connect it with sea. Of course summer is the best time for people to go to the beach to have some cool. With the warm kiss of sea wind, you can enjoy the coolness that brings by seas waves and have fun with your friend on the seashore. [...]

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Fabulous Mushroom Nail Art Designs in 2011 Summer

Yesterday I invited lots of my friends to my house and we had a gathering party. The party started as 7:00 pm and it lasted for almost three hours. Since we have never met each other for a long time, we felt great about the gathering. It is said that friends just like wines, only [...]

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Play Games with Your Nails – Pac-Man Nail Art Designs in 2011

We all know that everyone just has one childhood, thus childhood means a lot to a person. When we at the early age, the world seems so beautiful to us and we imagine trying our best to lead a better life. Playing games is the nature of children when they are young. I think most [...]

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Have Fun on the Seashore – H&M Summer Exotic Collections in 2011

Have you ever thought of indulging yourself in a large area which only has blue sea and sand? With the bath of sunbeam, how it is romantic to accept the kiss of sea wind! As the approach of hot temperature, people like to go to the beach for coolness. If you are the one who [...]

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